After your procedure, you will most likely experience swelling, bruising, tenderness and discomfort. These are not complications, but rather the body’s normal reactions to surgery. We will do everything possible to ensure you are well prepared and well cared for, so you can start enjoying your stunning results as soon as possible.

Your surgeon will provide prescriptions for pain medications, as well as compression garments, dressings and drains, depending on the type of procedure you have. If non-absorbable sutures are used, they will typically be removed around 7-14 days post-op.

Some suggested supplies to have on hand after your surgery include:
- Books, magazines, movies

- Neosporin or Aquaphor

- Ice packs for pain

- Extra underwear

- Sweat pants
- Lap desk

- Thick pillow or medical donut for comfort while sitting or traveling

- Hand mirror that allows you to see what you’re doing when changing dressings


Lymphatic massaging, in addition to compression, is an essential component for healing after Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), body contouring, liposuction, and many other surgical procedures. The lymphatic system is disrupted after an operation, so specialized massaging will help your body drain this fluid as you heal. This will significantly reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, and bruising; speed up the healing process; and prevent scarring, fibrosis, and contour deformities.

It is essential to set up your lymphatic massage sessions once you’ve established your OR date. It is recommended you have at least 12 sessions over the course of the first 4-6 weeks (2-3 sessions per week), starting 1 to 3 days after your operation. It is important to go to a lymphatic massage therapist who has experience and knowledge about this specialized type of treatment.

For San Francisco patients, we recommend Luciana Andrus at

Her team of practitioners are skillful and compassionate in their approach to lymphatic massage.


At Align, we are always looking for ways to optimize patient healing and maximize a smooth post-op course. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been shown to positively affect post-operative healing, and we recommend that patients start hyperbaric oxygen therapy following their surgeries. Before your operation, we’ll discuss this as an option with you.

In a unique therapeutic environment, you’ll breathe 100% oxygen (compared to the 21% we normally breathe) at 2.4 times the Earth’s environmental pressure for up to two hours as you relax and watch television. The oxygen infusion will help speed your recovery immensely.

This procedure is entirely nonsurgical and noninvasive – no pain or needles involved! HBOT saturates the blood plasma to help it infuse your body with nutrients, oxygen, and growth factors. It stimulates the growth of new capillaries, reduces swelling, and enhances the immune system.

For San Francisco patients, we recommend 8th Element Hyperbaric Medicine in Daly City, CA. 8th Element provides HBOT exclusively to transgender/gender-diverse patients who have undergone gender-affirming surgery. To learn more about 8th Element, visit their websiteInstagramFacebook or YouTube channel.


TransHeartLine offers services and support in the San Francisco bay area and is a resource for our post-surgery patients.

TransHeartLine helps to provide post-operation housing and education for those in the Bay Area. This resource can be invaluable for creating a safe and supportive healing environment for those undergoing gender confirmation.

You can visit their website for more information:


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