What Pride Month Means to Me

Pride Month is a special time for celebration, but it also is a time to reflect on how this important month came to be. In this week’s vlog, Dr. Satterwhite and Dr. Pang share what this month means to them and how they continue to honor the spirit of Pride this month and beyond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwhcbUaIPjE%20 […]

Top 5 Tips for Caregivers

Surgery is a major life decision for your loved one, and being a supportive partner, friend, or parent can make all the difference in their journey leading up to and recovery after surgery. One of the best things you can do to support your loved one is to help them prepare and make any arrangements […]

What to know about Facial Feminization Surgery

By: Dr. Paul Mittermiller, craniofacial plastic surgeon specializing in gender-affirming facial surgery at Align Surgical Associates What is facial feminization surgery?  Facial feminization surgery (FFS) encompasses a range of procedures designed to soften and feminize the facial features of transgender women and nonbinary and gender-diverse individuals. The goal is to enable patients to live as […]

Considerations for Body Contouring

By:  Dr. Breanna Jedrzejewski, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Everyone has the right to live as their most authentic selves. For transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse patients who desire it, we offer both feminizing and masculinizing procedures for the body. We will work with you on a personalized surgical plan to tailor your surgery to your […]

Traditional or Robotic Vaginoplasty? Finding the Right Fit for You

Dr. Satterwhite and Dr. Safir recently co-hosted an Instagram Live to discuss traditional and robotic vaginoplasty, the right candidate for each approach, and things to know about each procedure. Check out the on-demand recording below to learn more! For more information about each procedural approach, visit our vaginoplasty and robotic vaginoplasty pages. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

What is Microvascular Phalloplasty?

By Dr. Michael Safir, reconstructive urologist, Los Angeles office What is microvascular phalloplasty, and how does it differ from other genital reconstructive surgeries? Microvascular phalloplasty is a surgical technique used to construct a neophallus, or new penis, using tissue from the patient’s body, such as the forearm, thigh, or abdomen. This approach is distinguished by: […]

Top 5 tips for choosing a gender-affirming surgeon

For transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive patients, choosing a gender-affirming can be one of the most important health decisions they will ever make. But how do you know the surgeon you choose is the right one for your embodiment goals? Below is a list of tips to help guide you in the decision-making process and find […]


Align Surgical Associates’ active research program is unique among private surgical practices. We sat down recently with Align’s first research director, Dr. Arya Akhavan, to find out more: 1. Introduce yourself and tell me about your role. I’m a plastic surgeon who took a break from my residency training to dive fully into research. I […]

Considerations for Single-Scar Phalloplasty

What is single-scar phalloplasty?   Phalloplasty is a complex gender-affirming procedure that creates or reconstructs a penis for transgender men. This type of surgery has a lot of parts to it, and it may come with complications, which makes it a challenging procedure to do well in medicine.   Phalloplasties have traditionally required patients to […]

Introducing Robotic Vaginoplasty

By Dr. John Henry Pang, plastic and reconstructive surgeon and Dr. Thomas Satterwhite, plastic surgeon We are excited to begin offering a new option in genital (bottom) surgery: robotic peritoneal pull-through – or “PPT” – in 2024. We know that this procedure is generating a lot of buzz right now, which means there is also […]


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