We will create a trichophytic incision within the hairline, advancing the hair-laden scalp tissue forward. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with forehead contouring and brow lift. Hairline advancement cannot be performed on a patient who has significant hair loss or balding. In these cases, hair transplantation will have to be considered.

Hairline advancement is a beneficial procedure for feminizing the hairline by advancing it forward (shortening the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline), creating a rounder and more feminine hairline, and by obscuring the temporal recession, which can be seen as a masculine hallmark. It does take up to a year to get your final results, so patience is paramount. Meticulous surgical technique is important at the time of the operation, but just as important (if not more so) is careful scar management post operatively. It is important to understand that everyone heals differently, so check in with us regularly to make sure all is progressing normally. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as scarless surgery! There will be a scar, but we strive to make it as concealed as possible.

Initially the forehead incisions are closed with sutures, which are removed after 1 week.

After a few weeks, there can still be some scabbing and irregularities. This is normal. It is important to keep the area moisturized, and to use a silicone-based scar cream (which we have available in our office). Stay away from sun exposure (or use sunblock and a hat if you have to be in the sun) for 1 year afterwards. Stay away from smoking and nicotine products around the time of the operation, as well.

After a year, the hairline incision will be nicely healed, and in most cases, barely perceptible.



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