Embarking on your gender affirmation surgery journey is a significant decision. It can be daunting and even nerve-wracking, but our doctors and staff understand the emotions involved and want to do everything they can to ease your journey and make it a positive experience.

At Align Surgical, we believe that your natural anatomy and appearance should serve as a guide for gender-affirming surgery, so that results appear seamless and organic. Personal harmony is achieved by integrating your existing anatomy with changes that reflect your true gender identity.

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To deliver care that is customized to your needs, our doctors begin by listening. This means we spend an uncommon amount of time in consultation with you, asking questions, reviewing photographs, meeting with family members, and building trust and mutual understanding before moving forward with any procedure.

We will discuss your options every step of the way, so you are fully informed and empowered to make decisions, moving forward with everything you need to know. We will provide alternatives whenever there is something you don’t feel comfortable with, and we will fully discuss both the advantages and the risks of each procedure. After these extensive discussion and evaluation phases, we will create a surgical plan with you that meets your needs and honors your quest for authenticity and congruence.


Our relationship begins with an initial consultation that generally includes the following:

Along the way, our doctors and the Align Surgical team will discuss the following:

The downtime and projected outcome of each procedure

The potential risks and benefits of each procedure

The potential alternatives to the procedure, should you find it is not right for you

Where the surgery will be performed

How to prepare for surgery

The cost of surgery

Insurance and financing options

What your post-operative needs will be and how to meet them

Your care will be provided in a soothing and comfortable setting with the following qualities:

Convenient central locations in San Francisco or Los Angeles

Fully equipped with cutting edge surgical equipment and technology

AAAASF Certified facility

Full recovery suites for your aftercare

Easy access for patient pick-up post-operation

Align Surgical surgeons maintain operating privileges at several local hospitals in San Francisco and Marin

Scheduling practices that respect your time


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