We are excited to welcome Breanna Y. Jedrzejewski, M.D., M.P.H, to Align Surgical. Dr. Jedrzejewski is a reconstructive plastic surgeon specializing in gender-affirming surgical procedures for the face, body, chest or “top” and genital or “bottom” areas. She is based at Align Surgical’s San Francisco office and sees patients from around California and beyond.

Dr. Jedrzejewski received her M.D. from Brown University and holds a Master of Public Health in Global Health from Yale University. She completed her integrated plastic surgery residency at Oregon Health and Science University, where her training included a high volume and full breadth of gender-affirming surgeries. 

We recently sat down with Dr. Jedrzejewski to get to know her better:

  1. First, please tell us how to pronounce your name correctly.
    Sure: It’s “yed-jeh-YEV-skee”. Here’s what that sounds like.

  2. What inspired you to become a plastic surgeon?
    My father came to the United States to escape the political upheaval in Poland in the 1970s.  He had dreams of becoming a doctor, but as a new immigrant who needed to learn English and financially support his mother and sisters, he could not afford to pursue a higher education. Becoming a doctor was something I aspired to do from an early age, but I also gravitated toward the humanities. I studied fine art photography in college—much to my father’s dismay, ha! Plastic and reconstructive surgery came into focus for me during my master’s studies in public health when I developed a strong interest in global surgery.  I realized that despite being a small subspecialty, plastic surgery has served a profound role in expanding access to all types of surgical care through multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation.  The prospect of being able to make a positive, immediate impact on someone’s life as a surgeon but also contribute to a legacy of improving healthcare systems on a global level deeply resonated with me. Moreover, plastic surgery seemed to require technical specificity and aesthetic considerations, which appealed to the film photographer in me.

  3. What made you want to serve the transgender community?
    I have always had a strong commitment to social justice, which, for me, easily translates into a desire to serve marginalized communities. From sticking up for bullied kids on the playground in elementary school to illuminating the health challenges facing sex workers in Poland in my master’s thesis, it all feels like a part of the same continuum. Seeing the impact I could have as a gender-affirming healthcare practitioner by helping transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse individuals fully embody their true identities is deeply moving and inspiring to me.

  4. What areas or services do you specialize in?
    In true plastic and reconstructive surgery fashion, I operate on all areas of the body and consider myself a generalist of a very specialized field. I perform facial masculinization and feminization procedures, chest or “top” surgeries (mastectomy and breast augmentation), genital or “bottom” surgeries (vaginoplasty, phalloplasty) and body contouring. What I love about Align Surgical is that we are 100% focused on gender-affirming surgeries. This affords us the opportunity to deliver the highest level of care tailored to the needs of our unique patient population. We work as an interdisciplinary team, cross-pollinating different ideas and collaborating on techniques that allow us to continually innovate the dynamic field of gender-affirming surgery. Whatever procedures a client is looking for, we can deliver them.

  5. What brought you to Align Surgical Associates?
    Honestly, I wasn’t looking to go into private practice. My plan was to work on expanding access to gender affirming surgery in a rural setting as a way of approaching global surgery from the lens of “global is local, local is global,” but when I met Dr. Satterwhite and the entire Align Surgical team, I immediately felt at home. It was clear we shared a commitment to delivering patient-centered care with compassion and respect for every person who walks through the door. I was also impressed by Align’s ongoing efforts to remain on the forefront of research and innovation in a rapidly evolving subspecialty. Align leads by example, examining and reevaluating their surgical process to optimize patient outcomes and establish best practices. I’m very excited to join a team that I feel so – well – aligned with!

  6. What do you do when you’re not at work?
    I love experiencing different cultures, whether through travel, food, film or books.  I’m really enjoying getting to know San Francisco with my husband and toddler—we love a good park hang or museum strut.  I would love to return to shooting medium and large format photography…Maybe someday soon!



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