Align Surgical is unique among private surgical practices in our deep commitment to research and innovation through rigorous scientific inquiry. Our team of dedicated researchers and medical experts are constantly exploring cutting-edge technologies and techniques to enhance surgical outcomes and improve patient care. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, we actively initiate and participate in groundbreaking studies and clinical trials with academic institutions and industry leaders. By pushing the boundaries of knowledge and translating research findings into practical applications, we strive to advance surgical practices and contribute to the evolution of healthcare. Through our ongoing commitment to research, we aim to empower surgeons with the tools and knowledge they need to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.
Gender Affirming Facial Surgery–Anatomy and Procedures for Facial Masculinization
Regret after Gender-Affirming Surgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach to a Multifaceted Patient Experience
Facial Gender Surgery: Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Consensus Guidelines from the International Facial Gender Symposium
Masking Gender: The Impact of Facial Coverings on Gender Recognition
Face Lift after Facial Feminization Surgery: Indications and Special Considerations
Getting to the Bottom of Patient Experiences with Genital Gender Affirmation Surgery: A Qualitative Analysis of Online Reviews
Assessing Gender-Affirming Chest Surgery Outcomes: Does Gender Identity Alter Gaze?
Are We Preparing Patients for Gender-Affirming Surgery? A Thematic Social Media Analysis
Clarification Regarding Nonsurgical Management of Facial Masculinization and Feminization
Labial Fat Grafting After Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty
Social Perception of Facial Feminization Surgery Outcomes: Does Gender Identity Alter Gaze?
Estrogen Continuation and Venous Thromboembolism in Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty
Does Portrayal of Skin Tone in Gender-Affirming Literature Represent Diversity?
Commentary on: Vaginoplasty With Mesh Autologous Buccal Mucosa in Vaginal Agenesis: A Multidisciplinary Approach and Literature Review
Staying On Top of Breast Implant Illnesses: An Analysis of Chest Feminization Experiences
Patient Representation in Medical Literature: Are We Appropriately Depicting Diversity?
Prospective Quality-of-Life Outcomes after Facial Feminization Surgery: An International Multicenter Study
Lower Jaw Recontouring in Facial Gender-Affirming Surgery
Outcomes and Predictors of Revision Labiaplasty and Clitoroplasty after Gender-Affirming Genital Surgery
Breast Augmentation in Male-to-Female Transgender Patients: Technical Considerations and Outcomes
Nipple areolar complex reconstruction is an integral component of chest reconstruction in the treatment of transgender and gender diverse people
Gender Reassignment: Feminization and Masculinization of the Neck
Transgender Surgery: Male to Female
Male-to-Female Breast Augmentation and Body Contouring
Nonsurgical Management of Facial Masculinization and Feminization
International Phase I Study Protocol to Develop a Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Adolescents and Adults Receiving Gender-Affirming Treatments (the GENDER-Q)
Predictors of patient satisfaction and post-operative complications in penile inversion vaginoplasty
Patient-Reported Outcomes in Gender Confirming Surgery
Facial Feminization: Systematic Review of the Literature
Long-Term Outcomes of Rectosigmoid Neocolporraphy in Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery


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