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Dr. Thomas Satterwhite Presents on Being a Gender Affirmation Surgeon: A Personal and Professional Perspective. He was honored to be the invited annual keynote speaker for the Stanford Department of Surgery Wellness Lectureship. This is an esteemed lectureship extended to surgeons who have contributed to expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world of medicine. He enjoyed being back at his alma mater to do his part to increase awareness, sensitivity, and competence when taking care of transgender and gender diverse patients, and the LGBT community at large.
Dr. Thomas Satterwhite gave an Inservice presentation about gender affirming surgery regarding background, sensitivity, and overview of operations. This is useful as an introductory video to what’s involved in the care of those undergoing gender affirming operations.
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In collaboration with Transfamily Support Services, Dr. Dev Gurjala did a presentation about Transmasculine Surgical Options: Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty, Top Surgery, and Body Contouring. He discussed preoperative preparation, intra-operative techniques, and what to expect during the post-operative recovery, such as wound care, timeline until full healing, complications, and patient satisfaction.
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Pride Month with American Society of Plastic Surgeons & Dr. Satterwhite
In collaboration with Transfamily Support Services, Dr. Thomas Satterwhite did a presentation about Transfeminine Surgical Options: Vaginoplasty, Facial Feminization, Breast Augmentation, and Body Feminization/Contouring. His goal was to provide relevant information so that patients and their caretakers know what they need to do to prepare for gender affirming operations, and what to expect post-operatively, so that they can have a smooth, safe journey.
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Dr. Thomas Satterwhite featured in FACIALTEAM video celebrating the 1st International Facial Gender Symposium in Baltimore (USA)
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NOT YOUR SKIN: Trans In America — Trailer
In collaboration with The Q Corner, Align Surgical's Dr. Satterwhite and MoZaic Care's Dr. Bonnington gave a presentation about vulvoplasty and vaginoplasty for transgender and gender-diverse individuals, sharing what these procedures consist of and what to expect during recovery.


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