Mental health for transgender individuals is essential aspect of well-being. Transgender individuals may face unique challenges related to their gender identity that can significantly impact their mental health. We've compiled a list of resources that are knowledgeable about transgender issues that will provide a safe and affirming environment for those seeking support.


General healthcare for transgender individuals plays a critical role in ensuring their overall well-being and quality of life. Access to competent and inclusive healthcare is essential in addressing both transgender-specific health needs and general medical concerns. Healthcare providers should receive education and training on transgender health issues to deliver informed and sensitive care, while also respecting each individual's gender identity and expression. Gender-affirming care, which may include hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries, can significantly improve the mental health and overall satisfaction of transgender individuals with their bodies.

Additionally, regular preventive healthcare screenings and addressing other health concerns in a supportive and respectful manner contribute to better health outcomes for transgender patients. Fostering a healthcare system that actively acknowledges and affirms transgender identities leads to a more equitable and compassionate medical experience for all transgender individuals.


Support groups for transgender individuals offer invaluable resources and a sense of community that can be transformative in their journey of self-discovery and acceptance. These groups provide a safe and affirming space where transgender individuals can connect with others who share similar experiences, struggles, and triumphs.


Gender-affirming hair removal can have great benefits for transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse individuals. Whether you are preparing for your surgery or looking to improve personal satisfaction with your appearance, there are many laser and electrolysis providers across the country that can help you on your journey.
  • Laser Laser, Inc. (Denver) – Lorenzo Kunze, M.E. –  Electrolysis & Laser. Email or (303) 994-7236
  • Away with Hair (Ft. Collins) – Laser and Electrolysis. Email or (970) 237-1711 (Deb Drake)
  • American Laser Skincare (Lakewood) – Laser. Email or (720) 880-4770
  • Gentle Touch Laser Clinic (Westminster) – Laser. (303) 920-3700 (Bob Brownlee, Owner)
  • Skin Institute Denver (Lone Tree and Greenwood Village) – Electrolysis. (303) 706-1706
  • Precision Electrolysis (Longmont) – Electrolysis (303) 669-0654
  • Hey Gorgeous (Aurora and Denver) – Electrolysis (720) 341-4558 Cynthia Pepping
  • Ageless Expressions MedSpa – Electrolysis. (Littleton) (720) 532-1856 Becky Vanicelli
  • Marian’s Electrolysis (Colorado Springs) – Electrolysis. Email or (719) 634-7284
  • Vasu Skin Solutions (Boulder) – Laser. Email or (720) 470-4837
  • ANYASolutions, LLC (Denver – Capital Hill area) – Electrolysis. Email or (615) 485-5293
  • HI SIS Patricio Battani, MPH (Honolulu) (808) 381-8569
  • North Buncombe Electrolysis (Weaverville) – Electrolysis. (828) 645-4601
  • Cape Fear Electrology (Wilmington) – Electrolysis. Email or call (910) 685-4953
  • AEA Electrolysis By Tess LLC (Leland) – Electrolysis. (910) 467-6699
  • Anita Linderemeir, RN, BA, CMT (Monroeville) – Electrolysis. Email or (412) 856-7004
  • Rebirth Electrolysis/Rebirth Obgyn (Holladay) – Electrolysis. Email or (801) 272-3909




"Where's My Book" is helpful for young trans patients, as well as guardians and family members who want to gain knowledge that allows them to be as supportive as possible.

A Practical Reference for Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Adults

Dr. Linda Gromko wrote “A Practical Reference for Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Adults,” and Dr. Thomas Satterwhite was a contributor for the surgical chapters. Dr. Gromko is an expert in gender surgery and has been a wonderful health care provider and advocate for the community. This book is available to purchase on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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