Phalloplasty is a complex surgical procedure designed to create or reconstruct a penis, primarily for transgender men or individuals born with genital abnormalities. The process involves using a combination of tissue grafts, implants, and microsurgery techniques to form a functional and aesthetically pleasing phallus. The phalloplasty program at Align Surgical adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and our team has performed over 250 phalloplasties.

This transformative surgery offers individuals the opportunity to align their physical appearance with their gender identity, promoting improved self-esteem, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. However, it's essential to note that phalloplasty is a major surgical intervention with potential risks and a lengthy recovery period, requiring careful consideration and consultation with experienced medical professionals before making any decisions.
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It includes the use of local tissue flaps, radial forearm free flap, anterolateral thigh flap, and microsurgical techniques to create or reconstruct a penis.


Using SSP, it is possible to perform phalloplasty with a single line scar along the thigh, avoiding the typical large areas of scarring. SSP uses a new combination of surgical techniques to achieve scar reduction.

For those looking to urinate from a sitting position, SSP can be done as a shaft only reconstruction, and for patients looking to stand while urinating, urethral reconstruction can be combined with SSP.

We are currently selecting patients carefully for Single Scar Phalloplasty, with the safety and well-being of our patients as the highest goal. As we continue trying to innovate in the surgical care of our patients, our hope is that SSP can offer another genital surgery option to the transgender community.


Microvascular phalloplasty is a surgical technique used to construct a neophallus, or new penis, using tissue from the patient’s body, such as the forearm, thigh, or abdomen. This approach is distinguished by: 

  • The use of microsurgery to attach the harvested tissue. 
  • The potential for tactile and erogenous sensation.
  • High success rates and improved aesthetic outcomes. 

Microvascular phalloplasty also offers versatility, allowing for either:

  • A single-stage procedure where the surgeon completes all components like urethral lengthening, neophallus creation, and  glansplasty at once.
  •  A multi-stage approach, where the surgeon performs different surgical components separately.”


Hear from our surgeons about phalloplasty and our consultation process.
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Phalloplasty has historically been a very challenging procedure with relatively high complications rates. Addressing these complications can require multiple surgeries, each with their own recovery periods, times away from work, and emotional draw.

As respected and nationally-renowned surgeons for the transgender community, Dr. Gurjala and Dr. Safir are often called upon to assist patients experiencing challenging complications that could arise after undergoing a phalloplasty. Dr. Gurjala has been developing new techniques to provide more definitive solutions to the common phalloplasty complications, so that patients can return to normal life as quickly as possible. Dr. Safir is one of the top urologists in the world with individual fellowship training and experience in both male and female genital reconstruction as part of his subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPM-RS).

It is estimated that between 25 to 75 percent of phalloplasty patients experience complications that require surgical correction. The two most common surgical corrections include:


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