Undergoing gender affirming surgery is a profound journey towards wholeness, authenticity and personal fulfillment. There are many stages to consider, but once a patient has undergone phalloplasty, the natural implication is to follow up with additional refinements, including glansplasty, penile implants, scrotoplasty and scrotal implants. This provides a sense of completion and closure to bottom surgery.

Scrotoplasty creates a realistic scrotum using the tissue from the labia majora. The surgery leaves a pouch-like unit that makes it easy to ride bikes and perform other physical tasks. If a larger scrotum is desired than can be created with native tissue, we may use a tissue expander, and eventually silicone testicular implants. After a phalloplasty, scrotoplasty can be performed at the same time, or in a staged fashion several months later.

We will discuss the pros and cons of the different options (whether to use testicular implants or not) during your confidential consultation, so you can make the most informed and empowered decision for your goals.
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